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  • Perfect Utility – For veterinary hospitals, clinics and veterinarian offices
  • Clinical Accuracy – Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Fast Response – In less than 15 seconds
  • Self-Testing Display – For accurate readings
  • Visual and Audible Indication – Two ways to let you know when the reading is completed

Packaging Options:

  • Each thermometer is packed inside clear storage case
  • 12 such thermometers packed in a Corrugated carton (Packer)
  • 72 thermometers (i.e. 6 packers) along with Instruction sheet is packed in a Barcode labelled corrugated carton ( Shipper)
  • Retail Pack (Window carton):
  • Each thermometer along with the Clear storage case, Instruction sheet and 5 probe covers is packed in a window unit carton of our brand (MediChek) or customer specific brand #
  • 6 cartons are packed in a corrugated carton (packer)
  • 144 thermometers (i.e. 24 packers) in a Barcode labelled corrugated carton (Shipper)

Veterinary Digital Thermometers

Display Resolution 1/10 of a degree for both °C &°F
Measurement Range
89.6 °F to 109.4 (32.0 °C to 43.0 °C)
±0.3 °F / ±0.2 °C
(89.6°F to <95.0°F /32°C to <35°C)
±0.2 °F / ±0.1 °C
(95.0°F to 104.0 °F /35°C to 40°C)
±0.3 °F / ±0.2 °C
(>104.0°F to 109.4°F />40°C to 43°C)
Measurement Method Peak Hold System
Power Source

Battery Type
One 1.5V DC alkaline manganese button size LR41
type or equivalent

Battery Life
Up to 3 years under normal use

Lifetime Guarantee
Veterinary Digital Thermometers Brochure


Vet Digital Thermometers (252K)
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Spanish Brochure (240K)