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  • 8.4 inch superior colour TFT LCD
  • Parameters include: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, Pulse Rate & Temp
  • Optional: Single / Dual Ibp, ETCO2, Dual Temperature, Thermel Printer
  • Fully Digital monitoring, Highly integrated technology
  • Suitable from small to big animals
  • 7-Lead ECG waveforms displayed in one screen simultaneously
  • Four user interface, includes standard interface, OXY-CRG interface, seven waveforms interface, waveform and trend interface
  • 72 hours trend storage, 1200 group NIBP data storage
  • 120 group alarm storage
  • Audio and visual comprehensive alarm
  • Built - in rechargeable battery
Monitor dimensions & weight

Dimensions: 202mm X 262mm X110mm


Monitor functional specification


Color 8.4 TFT Screen

Resolution 640 X 480

Language Options

Indicators 7- waveform display, Alarm indicating light
Electrical Ratings

AC Voltage 100-250V Ac, 50/60 Hz,
Max power 90VA
Battery Type Recharageable internal battery
Battery Run Time Up to 45 minutes on a full-charge with SpO2, and NIBP readings
once every 10 minutes.
Temperature Readings

Scale Selectable °F/°C
Accuracy ±0.3 °F / ±0.2 °C
Patient Temp Range 73.4 °F - 113 °F / 23 - 45 °C
Measurement Time Dependent on probe placement & patient condition;
normally within 60 seconds.


ECG Specification

Technique Oscillometric

5-lead(RA; LA; RL; LL; C)

Lead Selection I ; II ; III ; avR ; avL ; avF ; V
Waveform > 9 channels

Gain Selection

0.5 ; 1 ; 2 ; 4
Electrical Leakage <30uA
Baseline Recovery Time <3 sec following defibrilatrion Separates and with stand 4000V AC/50Hz defibrillation resistent to interference of electortonus and myoelectri city
Scan Speed 12.5mm / 25mm / 50mm /sec
Leap Drop auto detection
Environmental Conditions

(Acceptable conditions for operating, storage and transport)

Atmospheric Pressure 770 - 282.45 mmHg
1026 - 377 hPa
Humidity 5 - 85% (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 °C

Storage / Transport

-20 - 55 °C
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